Craig Piekarz

Founder, CEO

Craig has been designing and developing enterprise software applications for his entire 25 year career. His software applications are used for monitoring, managing, planning, automating and optimizing business and manufacturing processes in international Chemical, Pharmaceutical and Food and Beverage and Financial corporations.

His rigorous software discipline was honed early in Craig's career working on critical applications in the highly-regulated environment at Boehringer Ingelheim Pharmaceuticals. Later, at DuPont, Craig designed and developed a series of software applications to improve the operational efficiency of the paint manufacturing facilities in the US and Mexico.

In 1991, Craig joined Joe McDermott at Datalogix to help bring their 2nd generation Process Manufacturing ERP system (GEMMS) to market. Craig was responsible for application design and full-life-cycle development including JAD (Joint Application Design) sessions and Beta programs as well as maintenance of the product.

As a member of the executive transition team, Craig stayed with Oracle Corporation after their acquisition of Datalogix to manage the smooth transition of his organization and product GEMMS into its current state: 'Oracle Process Manufacturing -OPM'. Here, Craig also completed his APICS coursework in Master Planning, Materials and Capacity Planning and Production Control.

Craig rejoined Joe McDermott, (now at Formation Systems) to develop the product strategy, functional design, and to build the development organization for Optiva. Optiva product is an enterprise-class Process PLM application designed to accelerate the product development life cycle through improved and automated business processes.

Craig has spent the past 4 years developing and refining a repeatable, reliable off-shore software development and delivery model with Venunath Chigullapalli and the rest of the BostonLogix Management Team. As a Sr. Partner in the firm, Craig successfully built and ran the North-East Region for Fusion Technologies, Inc. Craig's group specialized in designing and developing add-ons for Enterprise Applications, Integration, Business Intelligence and Commercial Software outsourcing.

Craig holds a BS from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, and in addition to contributing his organization and business building skills, he provides strategic Management Consulting and personally oversees the Design Process of BostonLogix applications and solutions.

Venunath Chigullapalli

CTO (Chief Technology Officer)..

Venu brings over 25 of consulting, product development and management experience to BostonLogix. His experience in information technology space spans across a wide spectrum of industry verticals and technologies. Prior to BostonLogix, Venu served as Consulting Director at Fusion Technologies (now epam Systems) responsible for delivery of offshore services in ERP, Business Intelligence and Custom Web Development to US clients. During this period, Venu worked with Craig Piekarz (CEO, BostonLogix) to refine the traditional offshore model and turned offshore teams into a seamless extension of onshore units.

Venu started his career in the United States and spent seven years consulting in various roles at Braun Consulting (now Fair Issac) and Oracle Corporation providing software solutions to clients such as Michelin Tyre, Imation, Minute Maid, GE Medical Systems, San Diego State University, California State Assembly to name a few. With a thorough understanding of US business and work culture, Venu has not only been instrumental in growing the organization but also in creating a work culture that promotes open communication, flat hierarchy and empowered employees resulting in a higher satisfaction levels of employees and a even higher satisfaction levels of clients.

Venu's entrepreneurial spirit and passion for technology is demonstrated by his active involvement as an adviser to various companies. He currently serves as a:

  • Co-Founder and Technical adviser to Oakbarrel Software, a PLM product.
  • Adviser and investor in Winnou systems, a leading provider of on-demand software solutions based open source technologies to educational institutes.
  • Adviser and investor in Winnou systems, a leading provider of on-demand software solutions based open source technologies to educational institutes.

Venu served as a technology adviser to Ministry of Sports and Youth Affairs between 2017 and 2019. During this period, he designed their flagship KheloIndia Mobile application. This app is used to measure fitness of millions of students across India and also to provide necessary inputs for formulation of policies to improve fitness of children.

Venu holds a Masters degree in Civil Engineering from University of Toledo, Ohio and a Bachelor's Degree in Civil Engineering from Osmania University. He has also completed MBA (PGPMAX) from India School of Business, Hyderabad.

Venu is responsible for the operations and delivery of information technology services out of BostonLogix (India) Private Limited.

Chris Siegert

Principal and Managing Director of Manufacturing Division

Chris brings the perfect 20 + years blend of industry, commercial software and consulting experience to BostonLogix. Having successfully managed both SAP and Oracle (OPM / GEMMS) implementations at large chemical companies, Chris joined Arthur Andersen and specialized in Business Process re-engineering.

Chris joined Craig and Joe at Formation Systems in 1998 to help manage the large-scale joint development effort with key partners including The Coca-Cola Company, and to help develop best-practices in the deployment of Optiva across the user-base.

As Managing Director of Fusion Northeast, Chris worked with Craig and Venu at Fusion Technologies to help build a global development and consulting team and a multi-million dollar business.

With an MBA in Finance from Bentley and a BS in Chemistry from Bates College, Chris helps BostonLogix and our clients build expert Process Manufacturing solutions on sound business principles.

Randy Ballin

VP Operations

Randy Ballin brings over 20 years of management experience to BostonLogix. Prior to Joining BostonLogix, Randy was a Director of Professional Services at Infor and responsible for the process vertical's implementations and training of Optiva PLM and MSDS implementations using Atrion's software application.

Prior to acquisition of Formation Systems by Infor in 2005, Randy was the Formation Systems vice president of professional Services. He led the global implementation group of the most comprehensive and scalable process PLM solution.

Randy has over 15 years of experience of developing and implementing innovative PLM, ERP and Decision Support solutions with Deloitte and Touche, Price Waterhouse, Formation Systems and Infor. Randy holds a BA in Science from Gettysburg College and a MS in Chemistry from Rutgers.

Joe McDermott

VP of Research

Joe brings a wealth of commercial software experience to BostonLogix having built two enterprise-class commercial software companies from the ground up in his more than 25 years in the industry. Before shifting his focus to software solutions, Joe was the creator of several industrial Chemical patents for process improvements.

Joe founded DataLogix International, Inc. As the company's chief scientist and architect, he designed two large-scale enterprise applications: CIMPRO and GEMMS. CIMPRO was successfully deployed in more than 700 Food, Beverage, and Chemical processing plants in at least 30 countries around the world yielding improvements in inventory, production scheduling and capacity planning. GEMMS was designed for companies with > 1 Billion in revenue. Datalogix and the GEMMS product were acquired by Oracle Corp. Oracle sells GEMMS as the Oracle Process Manufacturing (OPM) Suite to Chemical, Food, Pharmaceutical, and Biotech firms.

After the sale of Datalogix to Oracle, Joe founded Formation Systems, Inc. to bring increased accuracy and efficiency to the product development cycle. Using his chemistry training, Joe, together with Craig Piekarz architected an innovative laboratory data management, analysis, and workflow system. This PLM solution, OPTIVA, is in use in 40 countries. It manages the new product development cycle in prominent companies such as Coca Cola, General Electric and Campbell's Soup.

Joe holds a Ph.D. from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and a B.S. in Chemistry from Boston College. He has served on the boards of directors of these high tech startups and was actively involved in raising 60 million dollars in venture funding over a 15 year period. In addition to being a seasoned entrepreneur and experienced executive, Joe is ruthless in his architectural oversight of BostonLogix well crafted software.